Milton’s Grand Style in Paradise Lost

Milton's Grand Style in Paradise Lost

The style Milton used in “Paradise Lost” has righteously been stated as the grand style. The major elements of the grand style normally are:  the grandeur of the perception which motivates the poem, the use of imposing words organized in splendid order, elaborate imagination, and the use of supreme literary devices which build on the greatness of the language used.

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Title of Wuthering Heights | Emily Bronte |

Title of Wuthering Heights

“Wuthering Heights” is a famous novel written by Emily Bronte which was published in the year 1847.  A question that has always confused readers and critics of Wuthering Heights‘ as to why Emily Bronte decided to title her only novel, after the residence in which a limited portion of proceedings occur, in spite of being provided with such exceptional characters like Heathcliff and Catherine.

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