The Rape of the Lock as a mock-heroic poem | Mock heroic elements

The Rape of the Lock as a mock heroic poem

A mock-heroic epic is a poem that employs an elevated style and technique to portray an insignificant topic or issue for which this elevated style is not appropriate and fitting. This brings along laughter since the method or the manner of the mock-heroic poem is opposed to the subject.

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Jane Austen’s art of characterization | Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen's art of characterization

Characterization is considered to be the heart of a writer because characterization provides life and vigor to the entire work. If we had to take one writer who presumably attained mastery in the portrayal of characters like the great William Shakespeare, Jane Austen’s name can be named without any doubt and her 1813 novel “Pride and Prejudice” is the dominant example of that.

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